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WaveWatch (V4.3.03) DST Compliant

Download Size: 6.6MB

This page contains the latest version of WaveWatch software.  Downloads are to the right under Related Links.
This program is also located on the WaveReader CD that came with the digital recorder. It may be easier to install it from the CD.  Search the CD for the WaveWatch folder.  The WaveWatch program is used to poll a digital recording device and get information about the unit.  The program will also let you synchronize the time on the digital recorder using your computer's time.  See below for a sample of information available in a WaveWatch report.
Note:  There may be an older version than this one on the CD.
WaveWatch Report Information:  -  Console 16CT   7/16/2004 12:34:56 PM
Unit Type:  DVMRe Triplex 
Unit Serial Number:  D506-T72-350860
Model Name:  DVMRe-16CT
Ethernet MAC Address:  00-B0-19-FF-5B-CF
Play Status:  Stop
Hardware Fitted:  PAL Device
No ServerSocket or StreamSocket connections.
Record   :  Status:  Recording;  Duration:  89:34:14;  Time Left:  123:28:00
Archive  :  Status:  Archiving In Progress;  Duration:  45:31:37;  Time Left:  1506:08:00
General  :  Unit's Current Time:  7/16/2004 12:38:30 PM;  Time Since Power Up:  213:39:50
Main Software Version:  0.00;  Power PC Software Version:  5.21;  Disk Capacity:  163GB
Alarm Status:  None
Alarms Since Last Polling:  None
Videoloss Status:  None
Videoloss Since Last Polling:  None