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Smoke Alarm, Photoelectric, 120VAC w/Back Up Battery, Initiating Alarm Relay, Connector Compatiable with ESL 320CC  

320A/350 Series alarms are single/multiple station photoelectric AC smoke alarms designed for use in residential occupancies, including hotels, motels, and dormitories. The 320A/350 Series is compatible with existing 320 Series wiring and up to twelve units may be interconnected for tandem operation. When any unit in tandem senses smoke, all the units sound an alarm.
The 320A/350 Series features a test/silence button on the front of the alarm that facilitates testing. The series continuously monitors its own sensitivity; and if the alarm falls out of sensitivity, GE's proprietary field replaceable optical chamber enables quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. The series meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity requirements without the need for external meters.
The 350 Series provides a battery backup that offers up to 46 hours continuous protection in the event of a power outage. Other models provide auxiliary relay options.
All models are photoelectric alarms, which detect smoldering fire faster than the more common ionization alarms. Since smoldering fire is one of the most preva-lent types of residential fires, photoelectric alarms are essential in these applications.
320A/350 Series Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, (gesecuritysinglemulti320a.jpg)|gesecuritysinglemulti320a.jpg|0

Standard Features

Built-in 85dB temporal sounder |Up to 12 units can be interconnected |Low profile design blends in with any environment |Backward compatible with existing ESL 320 wiring |Test and hush feature |Field replaceable optical chamber for quick and easy maintenance

Product Options

Smoke Detector Accessory, Replaceable Optical Chamber, GE 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pack of 10;211-10PKG;211-10PKG.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by SM200-12PKG;SM-200;SM-200.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessories, Snap On Extension Tube for Smoke! In a Can (211-12PKG) Aerosol Spray for Functional Testing of Smoke Detectors;SM-EXT1;SM-EXT1.aspx|
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