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Smoke Detector, 400 Series Photoelectric, 4-Wire, Heat, 12/24VDC, UL  

The 449 series self-diagnostic, 4-wire smoke detectors continually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, and provide a visual trouble indication if they drift out of sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics.
The 449 series is easily cleaned by replacing the proprietary fieldreplaceable optical chamber. All models are designed to reduce false alarms from dust, insects, RFI and external light.
An integral combination rate-of-rise and fixed 135°F (57°C), 50-foot rated, heat sensor is available with all “T” model detectors.The 449CSRH includes an isolated alarm output for heat and activates an internal non-latching sounder (local alarm) for smoke.
400 Series Self-Diagnostic Photoelectric 2-wire 4-wire Smoke Detector; (ESL_400_0.jpg)|ESL_400_0.jpg|0

Standard Features

Intelligent self-diagnostics |Field-replaceable optical chamber |Low-profile design |Plug-in terminal block |Advanced false alarm immunity |Meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters |On-site maintenance alert |Model 449CSRH activates local alarm for smoke—perfect for rooms where smoking is permitted

Product Options

Smoke Detector Accessory, Replaceable Optical Chamber, GE 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pack of 10;211-10PKG;211-10PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, End of Line Power Supervision Relay, 4-wire Applications, 12/24VDC, UL Listed;204-12/24V;204-12spl_2F_spl24V.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Magnetic Test Tool, Initiates Diagnostic Sensitivity Test on 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pole Fitting;401;401.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Universal Back Box Adaptor Plate, 400 Series, White;402;402.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Thin Mounting Ring with Snaps for 400 Series;403;403.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by SM200-12PKG;SM-200;SM-200.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessories, Snap On Extension Tube for Smoke! In a Can (211-12PKG) Aerosol Spray for Functional Testing of Smoke Detectors;SM-EXT1;SM-EXT1.aspx|
Spare Parts
Smoke Detector Accessory, Replacement Terminal Strip for 400 Series;241;241.aspx|

Licenses and Options

Support Agreements and Upgrades