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Smoke Detector, 500 Series, Photo, 2-wire, CleanMe®, heat, 6-24VDC  

The 500 Series self-diagnostic, two & four wire smoke detectors are conventional direct-wire smoke detectors with analog features such as remote maintenance/trouble reporting (CleanMe®), drift compensation, and multi-criteria detection. The 500 Series continually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, and provide a visual and remote trouble condition if they drift out of the sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics. This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters. The 521 has a unique feature enabling it to send a signal (CleanMe) to the 505 module (sold separately) when it has drifted outside of its UL Listed sensitivity range or has failed its internal diagnostics test. The 505 is an interface module that will signal a 24V panel via relays when the 2-wire smokes are dirty. Several 12V and 24V control panels have the CleanMe software built in, eliminating the need for the 505 module. When CleanMe is not desired, simply leave the switch on the two wire devices off and it will work as a normal two wire detector. CleanMe allows the installer time to schedule a service call and avoid a false alarm. Time between cleaning detectors is dramatically increased because of the 500 series built-in drift compensation. This feature, usually only available in analog systems, allows the detector to automatically adjust its sensitivity over time as it becomes dirty, increasing the life of the detector. And when the 500 series smoke detectors have told you that cleaning is necessary, it's literally a snap with a patented field replaceable optical chamber (part number 211).
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Standard Features

CleanMe® remote maintenance reporting reduces false alarms |Smart dual fixed/rate of rise heat works with photo chamber to catch fires faster |Built-in drift compensation reduces false alarms |Field replaceable optical chamber makes servicing a snap |Small, low profile design blends in with any environment

Product Options

Smoke Detector Accessory , Adaptor plate fits 500 Series to 400 Series footprint;500-PLT-5PKG;500-PLT-5PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Replaceable Optical Chamber, GE 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pack of 10;211-10PKG;211-10PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Magnetic Test Tool, Initiates Diagnostic Sensitivity Test on 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pole Fitting;401;401.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by SM200-12PKG;SM-200;SM-200.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by 500-PLT-5PKG;500-PLT;Notavailable.aspx|
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