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Smoke Detector Head Only, 2-wire, 701U Base Sold Separately, UL 268  

The 700 Series photoelectric smoke detector is a side mounted, light-scattering optical sensor that provides outstanding stability and excellent response to a wide range of fires.
A pulsed infrared LED light source and a high-speed photodiode sensing element are housed in an omnidirectional sensing chamber which is protected by an insect screen. The chamber is not affected by ambient light. For easy cleaning, the chamber unsnaps and is field-replaceable.
The Model 711UT, 721UT and 741UT photoelectric smoke rate-of-rise heat detectors include fast response algorithms for a quick response to both flaming and smoldering fires. As soon as the heat sensor detects a rapid rise in temperature, the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor increases.
700 Series smoke detectors are the industry's first conventional self-diagnostic detectors specifically designed for the demands of commercial and industrial environments. If the detector drifts out of its UL Listed sensitivity range or fails internal diagnostics, the alarm LED flashes once a second to indicate trouble. This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters.
And, as they get dirty, the 700 Series detectors automatically adjust the alarm threshold through built-in drift compensation.
700 Series 2-Wire 4-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector; (ESL_7000.jpg)|ESL_7000.jpg|0

Standard Features

Intelligent, self-diagnostic |Built-in drift compensation |Photoelectric model has a fieldreplaceable optical chamber |Low-profile design |Advanced false alarm immunity |Interchangeable head and base design |Widest two-wire compatibility listings

Product Options

Smoke Detector, Mounting Base for 711U & 711UT Detector Heads, 6" dia., 3 terminals, white;701U;701U.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by 701U-10PKG;701U-10PK;Notavailable.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by 702E-10PKG;702E-10PK;Notavailable.aspx|
Smoke Detector, Mounting Base for 700 Series Detector Heads, 6" dia., 6 terminals, white;702U;702U.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, Replaceable Optical Chamber, GE 300, 400, 500, 700 Series, Pack of 10;211-10PKG;211-10PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector, Small Mounting Base for 700 Series Detector Heads, 4" dia., 6 terminals, white, Pack of 10;702E-10PKG;702E-10PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector, Mounting Base for 711U & 711UT Detector Heads, 6" dia., 3 terminals, white, Pack of 10;701U-10PKG;701U-10PKG.aspx|
Smoke Detector Accessory, End of Line Power Supervision Relay, 4-wire Applications, 12/24VDC, UL Listed;204-12/24V;204-12spl_2F_spl24V.aspx|
Part Number Change, Replaced by SM200-12PKG;SM-200;SM-200.aspx|
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