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Beam Smoke Detector, 50m  

The EC-50R/-100R comprises a transmitter and receiver in a single enclosure and is usually installed between 19 inches and 24 inches below the ceiling. The transmitter emits an invisible infrared light beam that is reflected via a prism mounted directly opposite and with a clear line of sight. The reflected infrared light is detected by the receiver and analyzed. Smoke in the beam path will reduce the received infrared light proportionally to the density of the smoke. The detector analyzes this attenuation or obscuration of light and acts accordingly. Detectors are typically mounted within ±30 feet (9.14 m) of a potential fire source. Consult your Authority Having Jurisdiction for spacing requirements specific to your locality.
EC-50R,Reflective Beam smoke detector photo:(Reflective_Beam_Smoke_Detector_image_low.gif)166KB|Reflective_Beam_Smoke_Detec.gif|0

Standard Features

Coverage: 50R range 15 -160 ft (4.6 - 48.8 m); |Microprocessor controlled |Automatic drift compensation |Simple alignment |Selectable alarm thresholds |24 Vdc operating voltage |Latching or non-latching operation |Low current consumption |Optional ground level test station

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